Be like me
Big Dom. (Feat. Echo) (HURTFUL ZONE)

                                                                                                          BIG DOM

Big dom is from Islip Terrace, Long Island New York. Big Dom has the illest flow, And he dominates rap in his own unique ways. Big Dom is a official member of T.B.I.


Echo is from Westbury, New York, As a young boy, Echo used to get into a lot of trouble with the New Cassel Police. Echo has a different rap style from everyone one else. And that is why he is a unique individual. He abuse's word play and creates amazing metaphors. Echo is one of the members of T.B.I.

                                                                                                            TOM IZZ

Tom_Iz is from Long Beach, California. He then move to Long Island New York. He has a very chill and laid back flow. And he been taking rap seriously by the ways he terminates them sick lyrics. Tom_Iz Is officially TBI certified.